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Nudism, without question, forces us to accept ourselves, warts and all, and without shame. When is the last time you ran naked through the sprinklerFamily Nudists, Teen Nudism, Life without any clothes? The soft spray of the water, the way it cooled our skin, how it made us giggle, all without clammy clothing sticking to our skin. All good stuff. It's a shame we let it end.

All of us are born pure, loving and innocent. As soon as we can get back in touch with that, the sooner we get in touch with experiencing the gift of life. There is no reason for us to hide behind any form of mask or costume that portrays an image that is different from what we are inside. Sometimes our own physical appearance can be as hard to accept as our emotional state is. Advertising has sent us on a journey of non-acceptance: our teeth aren't white enough, our boobs aren't large enough, our butts aren't small enough. How could we possibly go naked in the world?

To accept nudism may be the end or the beginning of a quest for self realization. Either way, it is beneficial to the self esteem of the participant. We have grown up in a society that has viewed the human body as something to be covered - even ashamed of. Our United States has many lessons to learn from their European counterparts as Naturism takes the opposite view. It sees the human body as good, normal, varied - and something that only needs covering if the owner wants to cover it. To know of ones self, is to know no shame. Are you ready?



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Problematic is the notion that a man who enjoys "the view" of active, all ages nudism
From the Nudist Magazine on the Web, Part of The Nude Review is one who should reconsider his "hobby." We say fiddlesticks.

Throughout history art has blessed us with its fascination of feminine beauty, often focusing on young subjects. To deny there is beauty in youthful nudity is paramount to suggesting there is something 1) wrong with nudity and 2) something indecent with the human body. We think both are fine, and that there is nothing wrong with enjoying the view, even if children are involved.

Sure, some nudist sites are unsettling in their depiction of young nudists, focusing on "Lolita" nudism, ignoring the broader picture of nudism, which we deem both wholesome and sensual, even for youth. Engaging theWaterPark, Germany. Young Nudists earth with our bare skin is a phenomenal experience, open to all-ages.

So, we're not concerned with dirty old men. They'll occupy their zones (textile beaches certainly, where young teens are "shaped" into womanhood by their bathing suits) whether or not we exist. If we offer a fair and balanced portrayal of the nudist experience, we've done our job.



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